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Through the mercy ministry of COC Bangladesh orphanages have been established for both boys and girls.

Hope House Orphanage For Girls

Praise God for His mercy to continue the Hope House Girls orphanage. Two more Christian tribal girls were recently added to the residents of the Hope House girls home. These girls previously  were forced to study in the Arabic language in a strict Islamic school. They were rescued them from a Madrasa (an Islamic school). The number of girls in the home now totals 38.

As lot of families are still scattered after the floods, and have become homeless, many children are victims of trafficking to bordering countries, and many are going from door to door to get their daily food. For this reason we feel continuous pressure to accept more children into our Hope House orphanages.

All the girls are attending school, and 6 girls are going to universities and colleges. The girls are excelling in their studies, with some receiving the highest marks for examination sin the entire city.

As well as this academic education, the girls from the orphanages are growing up with spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Through the ministry of the church they enjoy Biblical teaching through story telling, acting, drama, playing and memorisation of verses from the Bible.

Thank God and we are praising the mighty Lord for His mercy and favor through the honorable congregations of COC in Australia ( Rev. Ian and Jan Ross) supporting us to save the girls . We are also grateful to the COC World Families as they extend their compassionate arm to help us in this essential work.

Hope House Boy’s Orphanage

Hope House for Boys serves 30 orphan, homeless and destitute boys. After the severe flood, we brought 2 more children into the home. These young boys were found begging or seeking food in the dustbins, and looking for daily work in fields to get their food. We have also sadly had to refuse some other boys, and very infant child.

Like the girls, the boys receive both academic and spiritual education, as well as the necessities of life.

The Continual Threat of Flood and Need For New Premises

Typically, throughout half the year,  the Hope House orphanages are subject to serious flooding. This happens every year, and gradually the flood time period is increasing. The need for new premises becomes more and more urgent as the number of children we care for increases, and the continual flooding increases.

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